Public rates

Prices per quad, tours require a minimum of 2 quads to operate.

Standard tours

Only available in Antananarivo, valid all week, from 2 quads, departure base of Maibahoaka Ivato

For a single quad, an increase of 50% will be applied

  • Quad 300cc
    • half day264 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included429 000 MGA
  • Quad 500/600cc
    • half day330 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included539 000 MGA
  • Buggy 625cc
    • half day429 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included680 000 MGA

Tours «Mantasoa special»

Only available in Mantasoa, valid all week, from 2 quads, starting point Leisure and Boating Center Mantasoa Tour

For a single quad, an increase of 50% will be applied

  • Quad 300cc
    • half an hour66 000 MGA
    • 1 hour99 000 MGA
    • 2 hours165 000 MGA
    • half day264 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included429 000 MGA
  • Quad 500/600cc
    • half an hour99 000 MGA
    • 1 hour132 000 MGA
    • 2 hours231 000 MGA
    • half day330 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included539 000 MGA
  • Buggy 625cc
    • half an hour132 000 MGA
    • 1 hour165 000 MGA
    • 2 hours297 000 MGA
    • half day429 000 MGA
    • 1 day, picnic lunch included680 000 MGA


Support vehicle included, from 2 quads, departure base of Maibahoaka Ivato (10% discount from 5 quads)

For a single quad, an increase of 50% will be applied

  • Quad 300cc
    • Tana/Mantasoa per day, accomodation/food included714 000 MGA
    • Other circuit, per day, accomodation/food included1 011 000 MGA
  • Quad 500/600cc
    • Tana/Mantasoa per day, accomodation/food included824 000 MGA
    • Other circuit, per day, accomodation/food included1 121 000 MGA
  • Buggy 625cc
    • Tana/Mantasoa per day, accomodation/food included956 000 MGA
    • Other circuit, per day, accomodation/food included1 253 000 MGA

Terms & Conditions


GasyQuad makes every effort to ensure that safety is optimum. However, quad/ATV remains a mechanical sport which can be hazardous. Thus, customers are bound by the booking to carefully follow the instructions given by GasyQuad team members before and during the tour.

Every tour is preceded by the delivery of safety instructions to each participant. The contents are recalled and explained by GasyQuad team members. Particular attention is requested from the customer.

Helmets, gloves and rain gear are provided to customers, all of them being CE compliant. If a customer wants to use his own helmet, it undertakes that this helmet is also CE compliant. Otherwise, the client participation may be refused by GasyQuad team members without refund, even partial.

The quads provided require the possession of a driver's license, category A or B. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. If some customers drive their ATV without a helmet, GasyQuad reserves the right to terminate immediately, without any recourse, the tour for all customers.

Bare arms or bare legs are not recommended. Wearing long pants, long sleeves and high boots are strongly recommended.

Access to the quad is strictly forbidden to any person under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or certain medicines. GasyQuad team members have full power to cancel the tour if there is any doubt about the status of a participant.

Booking subject to availability

  • First price offer: At least 12 hours before
  • Half day tour: At least 48 hours before
  • 2 days, 3 days: At least 72 hours before
  • More than 3 days: At least 1 week before


Settlement of the tour must be full when booking. A deposit and an ID is required. Reservations are confirmed after full payment thereof. All cancellations by the customer within 3 weeks before the tour date will be subject to any reimbursement. Cancellations before the last 3 weeks will be refunded the full amount of the reservation less than 200 000 Ariary or 80 Euros per reservation for processing file.


Piloting ATV is done under the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer agrees to comply with all instructions given by GasyQuad team members and the highway code in force in Madagascar. The customer shall in no way deviate from the tracks and crossings indicated by GasyQuad team members. The customer will comply with any choice of GasyQuad team members.

In cases where law enforcement would be led to verbalize a client because of his behavior, GasyQuad assumes no responsibility. Fines and other legal fees and court costs arising will be borne by the customer. The booking involves reading and accepting these terms and conditions as well as safety and behavior instructions.


Degradation, damage, intentional or involuntary, on the quads and / or equipment are charged to the customer. Whatever the damage, the entire deposit will be withheld until accurate assessment of the amount of refurbishing of the equipment concerned. Where the amount of refurbishment is higher than the deposit, the customer agrees to pay the difference within eight (8) days after submission by GasyQuad of the supplementary amount to settle.


GasyQuad provides all care for the maintenance of its equipment. Nevertheless, we can not exclude some unplanned outages. GasyQuad will do everything possible to remedy in the shortest possible time to repair the failure or malfunction. However, if the repair or replacement can't be made ​​before the end of the tour, the customer may not require any repayment, interest or compensation for any malfunctions related directly or indirectly to the failure or malfunction of any components of the tour.

Rain, sun, wind ... whatever their strength, intensity, unpredictability or suddenness, can not be considered cause for cancellation or postponement by the customer. By cons, if GasyQuad team members consider, for any reason whatsoever, it is best to cancel the tour, the amount of the reservation will be fully refunded to the customer.

None of socio-economic, catastrophic or whatever event could be presented as a cause of refund, in whole or part, or non-payment of the full balance. Thus, except refund and cancellation terms set forth in this document, no reason can be invoked by the customer for all or part of the undelivered services.

Any conduct not complying with these terms and conditions, the safety and behaviour instructions, or the malagasy legislation triggers automatic cancellation of the tour without any refund.

Safety Warnings

To make your tour as comfortable as possible while ensuring your safety, you will find below all notes and data to know for the control of a quad.

First of all

  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to drive a quad if you are under 18 years of not holding a driving license (A or B)
  • Carefully follow all instructions given in this document
  • Listen carefully and apply any additional instructions given by GasyQuad team members
  • Neglecting these instructions could cause a crash, serious injury or death

Before leaving

  • Make sure you are in good physical condition, in full possession of your faculties and not under the influence of medication, drugs or alcohol
    • The control of ATV, like any motor sport, requires constant vigilance
  • Choose equipment for your size, whether helmet, goggles, gloves and rain gear
    • Take the time to try different equipment, so to experience no discomfort which may affect the control or comfort
  • It is better to be in long sleeves and pants to protect you up if you fall or pass through branches, brambles and other obstacles
  • Be sure to empty your pockets, you have not any equipment (backpack, banana, etc.) and put away any fragile or value object that can be damaged or lost
    • Beware of vibrations generated and the potential risk of injury or damage associated with these objects in a fall
  • Listen carefully to the instructions given by GasyQuad team members

When leaving

  • Make sure you are properly equipped, helmet securely fastened and comfortable in your movements
  • First of all, make sure that:
    • the gear lever is in neutral position (indicated by the letter N)
    • the fuel valve is in ON position (arrow up)
    • the parking brake is operated (lever pointing toward you)
    • the choke lever is up (lever to the right)
    • the low/high beam switch is turned off (left handle, positioned at the rear)
  • Insert the ignition key and turn the key clockwise to turn the start switch
  • Tighten the rear brake (left handle) or the front brake (right handle) while pressing the start button to turn on the engine
  • In case of start problem, ask GasyQuad team members
  • Always keep the rear or front brake engaged
  • Set the low/high beam switch on high (left handle, positionned in front)
  • Release the handbrake
  • Still holding tight the front or rear brake, move the gear shift to high range (indicated by the letter H)
  • Gently press the throttle (right handle) to start the quad while releasing the front and rear brakes
  • Here we go! :-)

Control rules

  • NEVER go faster than the GasyQuad guide
  • If the GasyQuad guide is driving too fast for your liking, do not hesitate to mention him by honking, it will adapt
  • The tour is in single file, the order is originally indicated by the GasyQuad guide.
  • NEVER pass another ATV or other vehicle except on instruction of the GasyQuad guide
  • Obey the safety distance specified by the GasyQuad guide
    • The brakes of a quad is not as effective as a car or motorbike and risks of slippage are increased by the speed and nature of the road, give you the distance needed to brake smoothly
  • When another ATV or other vehicle is about to pass you, let pass by slowing and deporting you on the right
  • Slow down on slippery roads, into uncharted territory or when visibility is reduced
  • The holes in the pavement and tracks cause sudden moves of the handlebars which may result in injury or loss of control if the two handles are not firmly gripped. So make sure you engage in rough terrain with all due caution in terms of speed.
  • When the ATV is leaning left or right by the side of the runway approached, lean slightly in the opposite direction to compensate and avoid knock you down on the side
  • Similarly, in tight turns, compensate by leaning in the direction of the turn, again to avoid knock you down
  • At a steep slope such as passage of a raft or a walk, slow down and offset the shock by mounting the handle firmly
  • Always slow down when you meet or overtake pedestrians, cyclists, carts or other non-motorized or stationary vehicle
  • Slow down when passing in the villages or populated area, a running child attracted by the sound of a quad will not necessarily pay attention to the following ATVs
  • When people greet you from the roadside, do not take unnecessary risks by waving your hand, keep in mind that you risk losing control of the ATV without both handles firmly gripped
  • Slow down when animals are present at the edge or the middle of the road, they can be unpredictable and take paths that you can not anticipate
    • Beware of chicken!
  • In practice, carefully follow all directions and instructions given by the GasyQuad guide


You will find below all documents concerned: