Independance Raid: Here are the pictures

We took advantage of Independence Day in Madagascar (which took place June 26) to conduct a raid from Mahitsy to Ambatomanjaka, seven hours of intensive quad biking :-)

After a thorough preparation (tents and sleeping bags just in case!) and the full in a gas station in Ambohidratrimo, let's go for the highlands!

First stop in Miantso where they attended a fair, quickly abandoned, our quads becoming the attraction of the day :-) As there were many children, they were bought some candy!

Second stop before reaching Firavahana, this time for lunch. Some of us were already tired, so we had a little strength back :-) It was a short break because there was still a long way to go!

After Firavahana, in addition to the fabulous scenery, we encountered some difficult passages before reaching Bedasy:

Just over an hour later, we finally arrived safely at Ambatomanjaka, these photos are kept for later ;-)

Results of the raid : The return to Mahitsy was done in about 5 hours with beginners, so it's possible experts to do it in 4 hours. The trail is largely possible even for novices, it's nevertheless necessary to take the day to enjoy the scenery with a few stops.

A trip to be missed!